CUboardroom: The complete online board communications tool

Go Green with CUboardroom

What is CUboardroom

CUboardroom is an online board portal that revolutionizes the way you communicate with your board by centralizing official correspondence via a highly secure, Web-enabled communication channel that carries company boardroom and committee content.

CUboardroom provides the optimum environment for efficient, organized meetings. No more pouring over stacks of paper; your board members can now prepare for upcoming meetings by accessing information from their computer - at home, in the office, or on the road. CUboardroom will keep your board members up to date via news and events, document distribution, online voting, and online forums. With CUboardroom, the collaborative efforts of your board members can be easily documented, recorded and archived.

CUboardroom is an efficient and effective method for managing a multitude of document types. Upload your Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, or graphics for distribution. For active and mobile directors, access to CUboardroom improves their ability to effectively contribute to strategic decisions. Boards that make active use of CUboardroom will interact more frequently and stay better informed, leading to better decision making and greater accountability. Board members can easily browse through company reports, ask questions of management or interact with other board members.

Access to CUboardroom is restricted both externally and internally to preserve confidentiality at all levels. CUboardroom sites are hosted on SSL servers and are VeriSign certified.

For more information on this product or to schedule a demonstration, please contact SmartSource Solutions, LLC at 866-932-3385, or request a demo.

Key Features
  • Schedule Events
  • Store and Archive Documents
  • Hold Online Meetings
  • Facilitate Secure Discussions
  • Vote Online
  • Organize Contacts
  • Organize Links
  • View Member Activity
  • View Document Download Reports
Save Time; Enhance Communication; Save Money; Promote Collaboration